Collection: Salt Dry Aged Beef

We salt dry age only the best quality primal cuts from our suppliers of choice. Our beef is salt dry aged for a minimum of 28 days and available in small batch lots, depending on availability.  Salt dry aging is a small batch process, resulting in a unique, very special, intensely flavoured meat.

The protein is left to dry in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, which allows the meat to dehydrate. The temperature is maintained at a maximum of 2°C and humidity at around 80%. This process seals in the juices and allows the muscle proteins to slowly break down, thereby increasing it’s tenderness. (Loss in water content = intensifies the flavour)

During the first 2-3 weeks of dry ageing, naturally occurring enzymes start to break down the protein and fat strands. As they shrink in size, the tenderness is enhanced. After this process finishes, the meat simply dehydrates, resulting in greater concentration of flavour and a rich, intense taste.  Dry aged beef has been described as having a smell and taste of nuts and butter.

During the dry aging process, the meat, particularly beef, darkens on the outside and forms a crust, similar to bread. This crust is trimmed away at the end of the process.

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