Beef Cuts

Learn more about the different cuts of beef that we stock, what they can be used for and much more below. These cuts of beef are traditionally sold in butcher shops around Ireland, and the names these cuts can vary across countries.


  • Striploin comes from the short loin of the cow.
  • Striploin is tender and flavourful with a good amount of fat and marbling.
  • It is often used for steaks and roasts.

Eye of the Round

  • This cut comes from the hind leg of the cow.
  • It tends to be a leaner cut of meat, but delicious nonetheless.
  • It is ideal for roasting whole or cut for a more leaner steak.


  • Sirloin comes from the back of the cow.
  • It is probably the most the most popular cut of beef among our customers/
  • It is tender with a great balance of flavour.
  • Sirloin comes in the form of steaks and whole roasts.


  • This cut comes from the centre loin of the cow.
  • It is one of the most tender cuts of beef and generally quite lean.
  • It is ideal for steaks and it often used for special dished such as beef wellington or steak tartare.

Rib Eye

  • This cut comes from the front-centre section of the cow's back.
  • It is extremely juicy and tender, with great fat marbling.
  • It is perfect for a thick-cut steak.


  • The brisket is the located in the chest, which supports its body weight.
  • This cut is often used for slow cooking, smoking or barbecues. During the cooking process, the fat tenderises the meat, breaking down it's fibres.


  • This cut comes from the hind of the cow.
  • It is a more affordable cut of beef, but delicious and flavourful nonetheless.
  • It is ideal as a whole roast, cooked slowly to extract flavour and tenderness.


  • This cut comes from the rib section of the cow.
  • It is a large bone-in rib eye with an extended bone for added flavour and presentation.
  • It is generally used for a special occasion steak.


  • This cut comes from the hindquarters.
  • It is a versatile cut, generally used for steaks.


  • This cut comes from the short loin. It includes both the tenderloin and striploin.
  • It is flavourful and tender, generally thick cut.
  • It is used mostly for steak.

Côte de Bœuf

  • As the name suggests, it is a classic French cut from the rib section.
  • It's rich fat marbling ensures tenderness and flavour.
  • Ideal for roasting and perfect for special occasions.


  • Round is a lean cut from the rear leg.
  • It is suitable for slow cooking, braising, or thin, quick-cooking steaks.
  • Round is very versatile for various culinary applications.


  • This cut is found in the lower leg, known for its tougher texture.
  • It has a rich, beefy flavour and it is ideal for stews, soups, and slow braising.
  • Connective tissues break down during cooking, yielding succulent dishes.


  • From the shoulder area, chuck is renowned for very rich flavour.
  • It's tender texture means it is suitable for roasting, braising, and stewing.
  • Perfect for hearty, comforting meals.

Carvery Rib

  • This boned and rolled cut is taken from the forequarter of the animal.
  • It contains the rib eye also.
  • It is high in fat and offers juicy, flavourful meat ideal for roasting.

Short Ribs

  • Cut from the rib section, short ribs are flavourful and rich.
  • They are cooked with the bone and ideal for slow-cooking.

Have questions or need more details about cuts of beef? Drop us a message, we're here to help you pick the best beef cuts for your next meal.



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