Beef Cuts

Learn more about the different cuts of beef that we stock, what they can be used for and much more below.


  • This cut comes from the short loin of the cow.
  • Striploin is tender and flavourful with a good amount of fat and marbling.
  • It is often used for steaks and roasts.

Eye of the Round

  • This cut comes from the hind leg of the cow.
  • It tends to be a leaner cut of meat, but delicious nonetheless.
  • It is ideal for roasting whole or cut for a more leaner steak.


  • This cut comes from the back of the cow.
  • It is tender with a great balance of flavour.
  • Sirloin comes in the form of steaks and whole roasts.


  • This cut comes from the centreloin of the cow.
  • It is one of the most tender cuts of beef and generally quite lean.
  • It is ideal for steaks and it often used for special dished such as beef wellington or steak tartare.

Rib Eye

  • This cut comes from the front-centre section of the cow's back.
  • It is extremely juicy and tender, with great fat marbling.
  • It is perfect for a thick-cut steak.


  • The brisket is the located in the chest, which supports its body weight.
  • This cut is often used for slow cooking, smoking or barbecues. During the cooking process, the fat tenderises the meat, breaking down it's fibres.


  • This cut comes from the hind of the cow.
  • It is a more affordable cut of beef, but delicious and flavourful nonetheless.
  • It is ideal as a whole roast, cooked slowly to extract flavour and tenderness.


  • This cut comes from the rib section of the cow.
  • It is a large bone-in rib eye with an extended bone for added flavour and presentation.
  • It is generally used for a special occasion steak.


  • This cut comes from the hindquarters.
  • It is a versatile cut, generally used for steaks.


  • This cut comes from the shortloin. It includes both the tenderloin and striploin.
  • It is flavourful and tender, generally thick cut.
  • It is used mostly for steak.

Côte de Bœuf




Carvery Rib


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