Chicken Cuts

Learn more about the different cuts of chicken that we stock, what they can be used for and much more below. These cuts of chicken are traditionally sold in butcher shops around Ireland, and their can vary across countries.


  • Whole chickens are often used for roasting.
  • They contain the carcass, unless you ask your butcher to bone and roll it.

Boned and Rolled

  • This is a popular alternative to the whole chicken, where the bones and carcass are removed. It is then rolled and tied.
  • Irish butchers often vacuum seal it in a oven cook bag, allowing all the juices to be retained while cooking.
  • It is incredibly flavourful and a hassle-free alternative to a traditional whole chicken.


  • Chicken breasts are the most popular and well-known cut of chicken.
  • They are very versatile, and can be cooked in a variety of ways including grilling, roasting, frying etc.
  • They are generally very lean and contain little fat.
  • They are also high in protein.


  • This dark cut of chicken is arguably the most flavourful.
  • They come can come bone-in or out, and with the skin-on or off.
  • They take longer to cook than breasts due to their firmness.
  • They contain more fat than breasts but pack a punch when it comes to flavour.
  • Thighs are ideal for roasting when the skin is left on. They can be cooked like chicken breasts when the skin and bone is left out.


  • Wings are the cheapest cut of chicken.
  • They usually come bone-in.
  • Wings are ideal for roasting or barbecuing as their skin crisps up.


  • Similarly to chicken wings, drumsticks come bone-in from the leg, cut away from the whole leg and thigh.
  • They are highly flavourful and can be cooked in many ways.


  • Legs are the result of not dividing up the thigh and drumstick.
  • They are packed with flavour and generally left skin-on and bone-in.
  • They can perfect for roasting or barbecuing.



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